Williams Family | Ft. Monroe

My dad grew up in a smaller town in eastern Tennessee by the name of Kingsport. Growing up I spent a week+ with my “Tennessee Family” in the summer eating infamous Pals hotdogs, seeing hot-air balloon races, and watching movies at the Fort Henry mall. Imagine my surprise when my dad met a young couple here in Hampton, also from the Kingsport area! Enter Jason & Toni! Hanging out with them is a sweet reminder of those exciting summer weeks visiting my grandparents. Having this town in common makes our sessions together almost effortless!

About a week before their baby girl Presley was born, we sat around the dinner table chatting about parenthood, and how much it changes your life. Toni was so ready to no longer be pregnant, and Jason was excited as ever. Once Presley was born, I went to meet her and grabbed some newborn pictures of her. You can see some of those images here. Now she’s six months old! SIX MONTHS! I can hardly believe it! She smiles, coos, laughs, and has a big personality.  I was thrilled to meet up at Fort Monroe to get their first family photos! Enjoy!

WTG-Williams_0005.jpg WTG-Williams_0004.jpg WTG-Williams_0003.jpg WTG-Williams_0002.jpg WTG-Williams_0007

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