Wes & Christina | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

Adventures of a Second Shooter:

Wes & Christina | Waterman’s at Virginia Beach Weddings

Second shooting is not an easy job. I’m constantly working behind the scenes to help make the main photographer’s life easier! It ends up being a whole lot of work for me. The plus side is that I get to work with phenomenal, professional wedding photographers, endlessly learning the ins and outs of a wedding day. AND I get amazing images like these!

Thank you to Clara for letting me tag along at Wes & Christina’s wedding 🙂 It’s always such a fun time!!
weschristina_0003 weschristina_0004 weschristina_0005 weschristina_0006 weschristina_0007 weschristina_0008 weschristina_0009 weschristina_0010 weschristina_0011

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