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Way back when Caleb and I had our wedding day, the First Look was a somewhat new tradition.When I first heard about doing a “First Look” I thought to myself…”that’s cool… but I’ll NEVER do it for my own wedding day”. Now almost 5 years later, I wish we had chose to make this a part of their wedding day. First Looks are amazing and SO incredibly helpful to photographers! I have had several brides ask about First Looks recently and so I thought that maybe I should do my first Wedding Wednesday post on this topic!  As a photographer, I know there are so many great and wonderful benefits to making it a part of your wedding day!

Here are some of my top reasons to add the first look to your wedding day!


You get more photos (yay!) You’re investing a lot into your wedding photography and with a first look, you get 40% MORE portraits of the two of you… and those are the images you decorate your first home with! Most of the time, when you don’t do a first look, the only option for ALL of the photos during cocktail hour.With a first look, you make the most out of this huge investment and get the most for your money.

More time with your significant other You actually get intimate time on your wedding day with your man. Normally, most people think walking down the aisle is the BIGGEST, most emotional moment of the whole day because that is what the tradition is. But people don’t realize that when you come down the aisle and totally SHOCK him with your gorgeous-ness… he can’t even tell you how amazing you look… he can’t touch you or embrace you or even SPEAK to you. You have to wait until 40 minutes later when the ceremony is over for him to react and tell you how amazing you look. And after 40 minutes of gazing into each other’s eyes, the reaction isn’t the same as the initial first glance.

More time to party! One thing I learned as a bride that I’ve also seen time and time again as a photographer is that there really aren’t enough hours in a wedding day. The time flies by SO quickly and doing a first look really does help squeeze more moments out of an already packed day. One example of this is that you’ll most likely get to enjoy at least some of your cocktail hour with your guests if you’ve done photos beforehand! You’ll definitely want to enjoy the signature drinks you’ve picked out and all of those appetizers you carefully chose with the rest of your friends and family.

You look hotter (but feel cooler) It’s true, the earlier we do your photos, the better you’ll look and feel in them! Your professionally done hair and makeup will still be nice and fresh and there are fewer opportunities to get sweaty or have your attire get wrinkled or stained. Less stress is always a good thing, am I right??

You actually extend your wedding day by 3+ hours This may seem like a stretch, but the wedding day would start when you come down the aisle, then the ceremony would end, you would rush through portraits so that you’re not late for the introductions and then it’s reception time. With a first look, your day starts a few hours before the ceremony, and then we aren’t rushed around afterward trying to get portraits done and you may actually be able to enjoy cocktail hour!

So you’ve heard the reasons that I think a first look is a great choice, but here’s the one reason that it might NOT be a great idea for your wedding day!

If you have a very early ceremony and a somewhat large gap between ceremony and reception, it may be too stressful to add one more thing to an already jam packed, long day. Especially if you have a wedding day photo or video coverage based on an hourly package and really want to maximize that time! In this situation, where you’re getting married most likely early afternoon and still having a dinner reception, I’d suggest skipping the first look since you’ll have so much extra time in between the ceremony and reception!

When it comes to deciding whether or not to make this new tradition a part of your day, it’s important to take all of these things into consideration and make a decision based on what works best for you! Also, chat with your vendors and see what they recommend based on your wedding day schedule! They’ll most likely have some great suggestions and input to add!

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