Washington DC to Washington State | How I Booked a Seattle Wedding

In the last few months, I’ve shot two sessions in Downtown Washington DC. The first one was on a whim. I wanted to shoot a couple there so badly but had no one to photograph. Rachel & Matt saved the day! They volunteered (or rather, Rachel did) to have a weekend getaway to DC with a side of couples session. Hehe. 


Only two weeks later I was able to book a current bride and goom for their engagement session in the city. We scheduled the session not realizing, but praying for the cherry blossoms to bloom for our shoot! Sure enough, they popped open just days before we showed up and they were in their full glory the day of the session.

So how did I score a destination wedding in Seattle, WA?

I know, I know. I need to get to the headline of this blog post! It was literally a “stars aligning” kind of situation! A potential bride, who I never met before emailed me out of the blue for a consultation last May. We sat down, hit it off immediately and she booked me for an engagement session and her wedding. We had a blast at her engagement session last year and some of those images are still my favorite today. Side note, this bride is a bad ass entrepreneur who is killing it with her business! One of her clients inquired about her photographer and she gave her my info. Needless to say, I got another email from a potential bride I had never met before.

Enter Alex! I sat with her and Zach at a Starbucks in Yorktown one Sunday afternoon for their consult. We talked for about an hour in regards to photographing their VA reception this summer after they had their “planned elopement” in Seattle. As we talked, my brain kept trying to figure out a way to get to Seattle with them. I think at one point I jokingly said, “Hey, I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle. I should come!”. Well, ask you and shall receive! I’m going to Seattle to photograph their elopement!!!

And that is the story of how I booked a wedding in Seattle! Be prepared for 1,000 Instagram stories and blog post overload in June!


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