Wade & Erin | Married | Gloucester Wedding Photographer

It was spur of the moment that I was able to second shoot Wade && Erin’s nuptials. The wonderful Brianna, of Brianna Christine Photography, called me and I just jumped at the opportunity to work with her again. I met up with Bri & Erin at this adorable little Baptist church in Yorktown, Va.  to capture some getting ready photos and the ceremony. While there I learned that her parent”s had been married there back in 1981 and it’s why she chose the location. How stinking sweet! I thought that was just so special.

erin_wade_married_0003 erin_wade_married_0002 erin_wade_married_0004 erin_wade_married_0005 erin_wade_married_0006 erin_wade_married_0007erin_wade_married_0011 erin_wade_married_0012erin_wade_married_0008 erin_wade_married_0009 erin_wade_married_0010 Thank you Brianna, and congratulation to Erin && Wade

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