Matthew, Rachel & Frank | Pup’s First Christmas

Confession time: I snoop around social media to see if I can find anything in common with my clients before we meet. When doing my “research” for this shoot, I realized that Matt and I have known each other for almost 10 years! What?!?! That is a LONG time when you’re in your twenties! I’ve known Rachel for 3 or 4 years as well, and I was thrilled to get the invite from her to photograph them with their new pup Franklin. They adopted him within the last year, and I’ve heard SO much about him the last few times Rachel and I were together. Franklin (aka “Frank”), is a 2 year old puppy who is hearing disable. Yeah, I thought the same thing you are right now. How on earth do you train a deaf dog?!? That has to be so much work! Well, at our session I learned A LOT about the different commands, and signs they use to communicate with Frank, and boy did he knock my socks off. He is so well behaved and “listened” when he was commanded (via puppy sign language). If I could get my kids to listen and behave as well as Frank, I’d be one satisfied momma! (Not knocking my kids, because they are crazy good!)


We started at Matt & Rachel’s apartment in downtown Phoebus, and ended at Fort Monroe! Here are some of my favs from our session!

mattrachelfrankchristmas_0005 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0006 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0007 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0008 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0009 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0010 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0011 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0012 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0018mattrachelfrankchristmas_0014 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0015 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0016 mattrachelfrankchristmas_0017

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