Pagoda & Neon District Engagement Session

I met with Taylor and Zack for their Pagoda & Neon District Engagement session on literally the most beautiful day in May. We started at the Pagoda in downtown Norfolk near the water. This place is SO cool! They have a HUGE coy pond, and the most interesting Asian style building dropped right into the downtown area.

It’s always fun to have couples in front of my camera for the first time especially for this Pagoda & Neon District Engagement. I always start by saying that there is NO pressure. We’re literally just practicing for the wedding day, and the first 15 minutes will be awkward AF. I literally saw the stress melt off of Zack’s shoulders when I said it and I think it made all of us feel relaxed. The two of them definitely took it to heart, and you can totally tell. The first 4-5 portraits in this post were taking in the first 5 minutes of shooting… and they look so relaxed and in love!

They’ll be getting married in early fall this year at her family’s church in Norfolk, and they’ll be celebrating their reception at Hilton the Main. I seriously CAN’T wait to see them again on their wedding day.

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