Norfolk Botanical Gardens Engagement | Emily + Taylor

Norfolk, Fire Station 14


I met Emily & Taylor at fire station 14 in Norfolk, Va. It was literally 5-year-old Ashley’s dream come true to be so close to a legit fire truck. I mean, I sat on it and it was amazing. The firefighters who were on duty were cleaning the trucks when we got there, which was awesome. They were nice and shiny for us!

Taylor loves what he does for a living. I could tell he enjoyed answering any and all questions I had regarding well, anything! Just as much (if not more) as he enjoys his job, he loves his lady! He was so sweet to her the entire session and did basically anything we asked of him, just for her. And then there is Emily. She is just the sweetest, and I can totally see why Taylor loves her so much. You’ll be able to see the love radiating between them during there session!


The Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Norfolk VA.

After we finished up at the fire station we headed over to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. The Renaissance Court within the gardens is a beautiful backdrop for portraits and I am still thrilled that they chose the location.

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