McDonald | Newborn Lifestlye | Newport News, Va.

Just a few moments after he was born, I heard Amber whisper “We have waited a long time for you”. Normally before a labor & delivery session, I have a sit-down meeting with my moms-to-be to learn more about their story. Amber and I had a lunch date for Mexican food on Wednesday, so imagine my surprise when I woke up Monday morning with an email in my inbox saying her water had broken… two weeks early!! Also, two days before we were to scheduled meet (L&D can be very unpredictable)! Amber was a true champion, no epidural, and was in active labor for around 13 hours. I was seriously SO proud, and I had only just met her. To check out their L&D click HERE

Fast forward two weeks to the lifestyle newborn session. I was so happy to see that this new little family had fallen into a nice rhythm and they had become comfortable with their new life.

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