McDonald | Labor & Delivery | Richmond, Va.

The story goes something like this. Mom is induced at 7 am, she handles labor like a pro, and in less than 2 hours her baby unexpectantly arrives and surprises us all. Amber is no newbie in the world of labor and delivery. A mere 17 months ago I met her for the first time while she was in the deep throws of an unmedicated labor. It wasn’t until her son Mark was delivered that we even spoke! Since that day, I’ve photographed their growing family many times. It only made sense that when she found out she was expecting again, she would enlist me to capture it all. The day came where her doctors had to make the decision to induce her due to minor complications with her pregnancy. When she told me her induction date, my heart sank. It was the day after I was due to leave town for my best friends bachelorette party, which being the Matron of Honor, I had planned. I tried to make arrangements to stay in town to shoot this delivery, however, it just didn’t work out. Thankfully a fellow L&D photographer (Melissa) was available and willing to associate shoot this delivery for me! From her point of view, Amber was doing great! Breathing through her painful unmedicated contractions, standing, swaying through the motions of labor. It came as a shock when Amber shouted that she was crowning a short 1 hours and 43 minutes into her induction. Sure enough, Leah was working her way out into the world while Amber was standing next to her bed and the nurse on duty made the catch of a lifetime! The rest was a blur as Melissa followed baby Leah capturing her first moments. Within the first hour, she has been measured, cleaned, met her mom and dad, even nursed for a few minutes. Talk about a busy day! Take a look at what Melissa captured from the epic morning when Leah McDonald was born! All photos were captured by Melissa and edited by yours truly. 

1000 thank yous to Melissa from The Photographic Storyteller who stood in my place to photograph this birth story for my clients. I am forever thankful that I was able to build a team to tell this story beautifully while I was away.

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