Learning to Ride | Personal

Nothing makes me happier as a mother than when my kids are happy! Today, my three year old Emma was overjoyed with herself when she finally got the hang of riding her bike! Over the summer we worked with her on a few occasions on how to pedal and steer her bike properly. About ten minutes in every time, she was so overwhelmed and frustrated with herself that she gave up. I couldn’t find the right words to motivate her to keep going. She’s learning how to ride a bike, and I’m learning how to parent a child! We’re learning together. So I took the easy route and I wouldn’t pressure her to keep going. I would let her “give up”. BUT, we weren’t letting her give up forever. Just for today, just for now. Not on this day. We took her out in my parents culdesac, and the first go around she was pedalling and steering her bike like she’d been doing it her whole life! I was so surprised, and elated that not only could she do it, but that she was thrilled herself! Seeing her so happy made me the happiest mommy on earth! It’s so exciting to hit this new milestone with her <3

And then there was Lucas, our two year old. He was just being a goober, and being adorable. My dad put this silly hat on him and Luke kept saying “I’m a Wookie, I’m a lion, Rawr”, which was adorable. Love that little goober! And yes, my dad was pushing him around with a swiffer sweeper.

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