Kyle+Nicolette | SandyBottom

I met Nicolette a few months ago when she accepted a position in my office as a part time receptionist. Little did I know that in a short period of time, she would become someone I would consider an “office bestie”! She and Kyle have been married for 5 years, and they’re still basically newlyweds. They seriously have the most goofy yet loving relationship I’ve ever been witness to. They’re both so laid back, and easy to get along with. Basically, Kyle & Nicolette are the ideal clients. I mean, look at them! They’re a great looking couple, and super easy to photograph! I’ll let their photos speak for themselves!

WTG-Shower_0009  WTG-Shower_0013WTG-Shower_0012 WTG-Shower_0011 WTG-Shower_0010

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