Hassell Ladies | Family Portraits | Fort Monroe, Va.

These ladies have a special place in my heart. Michelle and I have been friends for close to 13 years, and that to me is unbelievable! We have been through so much life together in these years, especially recently. When you’re friends for this long, you end up getting to know not only each other but one another’s family as well and last year when they had a very unexpected tragedy in their family I was heart broken for them. As an outsider looking in I can tell you that each one of these ladies has grown stronger as a result of their loss. They are learning how to live in their “new normal” and I am so honored that they chose to have me photograph their family portraits this year (and other previous sessions, you can find Sarah’s bridal portraits from last year HERE.) Thank you, ladies, so much!! I love you <3



These guys have some mighty big shoes to fill!


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