Fort Monroe Maternity | Kyle & Nicolette

February 27, 2018

I always worry about the weather. Especially in Virginia in the February/March timeframe because honestly, no one knows whats going to happen in any given day here. Sometimes we see all four seasons in a 12 hour period (maybe I’m over exaggerating a little, but seriously, the weather is nuts.) This particular Saturday was beautiful!

Nicolette and Kyle are from Michigan and are currently stationed at Langley. I met Nicolette a few years ago when she was hired as the receptionist at my current day job. I was the receptionist for about two years when I first started there, so we instantly bonded. You know the old saying, misery loves company? That definitely applies here.

Even though our friendship thus far has been short, we’ve experienced a lot together. We’ve both suffered great losses and I’ve watched her grow this baby bump since the beginning. I was actually in charge of taking her bi-weekly baby bump photos during her pregnancy! How exciting!

Fort Monroe, Virginia

Anyway, we met up at Fort Monroe for their maternity session. Take a peek!



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