February 2018 Recap

Monthly Recap | February 2019

Well, February was the best ever! I started the month in South Florida for my best friend’s wedding! I was the matron of honor, and now I have so much respect for every MOH and Best Man. That job isn’t for the faint of heart. I ran around all day making sure we had this lipstick and that bundle of whatever. All the while in high heels… which I never wear. Overall, it was a beautiful exciting day and my best friend is married!!! The photos below are from her photographer Heather Funk.

At the end of the wedding weekend, my poor grandma was over at our Airbnb to pick Caleb and I up so we could have lunch together before we flew home. She had driven to Florida and planned on staying a few more days. While she was walking out to the car she twisted her ankle and happened to BREAK it in two places. She’s 72, and we were all freaking out (to say the least). Instead of lunch, we ended up spending a few hours in the ER with her, and then once they deemed her broken and in need of surgery, we caught an uber to the airport. Oh, I should mention my mom was there with her. My poor grandma ended up staying in a rehab facility in Florida for a month before she came home! We’re so happy to have her back, and she’s adjusting to life in her house with her wheelchair and knee scooter. It was just a crazy situation all around.

I also got to photograph my brother and his growing little family. My nephew Nicholas is going to be a big brother in March (update, the baby came early!) and we just couldn’t be more excited.

finally met Mattie & Ayanna, after a year of chatting with them. We met in Newport News for their engagement session!

Last but not least, baby V was born! The day before my dad’s birthday she came into the world, with her mama kicking and screaming. I was able to get to the hospital to meet her the day after she was born… but I didn’t grab any photos. I was too mesmerized looking at her cute face! I did grab a few in March when Em & Luke finally met her, but you’ll have to wait for next month’s post for those 🙂 🙂


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