Fall Backyard Wedding | Jasmine + Sean | Virginia Beach, Va.

Fall Backyard Wedding in Virginia Beach, Va.

These two have quite an engagement story. A trip somewhere tropical was actually a surprise trip to Italy, where Sean smuggled an engagement ring through customs without Jasmine knowing only to propose on the side of a mountain. How on earth is that real life? It may not be the reality for most, but this was how it all happened for them. They are quite the traveling pair, and I’m sure their marriage won’t slow them down!

Jasmine and Sean had their picture perfect wedding day.  It was a cool Saturday in October, perfect temperature if you ask me. They chose to have an intimate backyard wedding with only 60 of their closest friends and family. I love weddings like this because you KNOW that all of the people there are truly important to the couple. It was the most perfect group of people for them to start their marriage with.

I can’t wait to share the rest of their images! For now, take a peek at some of my favorites.

When you get a surprise letter from your groom, you feel all of the emotions and apparently look flawless while crying.

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