Dylan & Drew | Labor & Delivery | Newport News, VA.

My husband and Drew have been friends for around 13 years. They grew up together, went through teenage life together, attended one another’s weddings, and have such a fun relationship. It only made sense that I would offer to photograph the birth of her first child, Nathan. She didn’t seem hesitant at the thought of me being there with her during childbirth, rather a little excited. Me on the other hand… I was absolutely thrilled! Not just a little! I had just shot my very first L&D a week before she decided to let me in on her experience and during that first shoot, I realized that THIS is my passion. I knew almost instantly that serving new mothers by photographing the extremely precious moment that their child enters the world is exactly what I was being called to do. Drew and Dylan were patient in waiting for about 32 hours of labor to meet Nathan (who they didn’t name for another 24 or so hours).

Thank you so much, Drew & Dylan, for letting me be a small part of this beautiful thing you did <3

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