David & Michelle | Married | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

Second shooting is a challenge. You don’t get the advantage of setting yourself up in the BEST positions to get the most ideal images for your client. The main photographer obviously gets dibs on placement, so the second is pushed to be more creative in every single aspect of the wedding day. As a second shooter for David & Michelle’s wedding, I aimed to grab more authentic moments, and more like a fly on the wall. Then Heather, of Heather Lynne Photography, asked me to photograph the guests. Of course I obliged!

I don’t know much about Dave & Michelle, but I can tell that this day was anticipated for a while. I am so thankful to have been a part of their day! Thank you Heather Lynne Photography for the great experience!

davemichelle_wtgphoto_0012davemichelle_wtgphoto_0011davemichelle_wtgphoto_0002 davemichelle_wtgphoto_0010davemichelle_wtgphoto_0008 davemichelle_wtgphoto_0007
davemichelle_wtgphoto_0001davemichelle_wtgphoto_0006 davemichelle_wtgphoto_0003 davemichelle_wtgphoto_0005

Congratulations David & Michelle!

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