Colonial Williamsburg Engagement | Nicki + Taariq

Nicki + Taariq are a new couple to me! We met only 2 months before their wedding! They have had a whirlwind engagement, and are so excited to tie the knot. I mean, I could feel the vibe and chemistry coming off of them and I’ve gotta say I was diggin’ it.

I love shooting in Colonial Williamsburg, it’s no secret! The real secret is all of the hidden gardens and maze-like hedges you can find down there! It’s so much fun to explore the area and imagine who in history may have walked those cobblestone roads. Personally, I like to image Lin Manuel Miranda dressed as Alexander Hamilton, rapping Cabinet battle #2 with Thomas Jefferson in front of the Governor’s Palace! BUT that’s just me 🙂

I can’t wait to spend more time with Nicki + Taariq on their wedding day in July! 

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