Coloinal Heritage Wedding | Billie & Miguel

A Colonial Heritage Wedding

Billie + Miguel celebrated their wedding this month at Colonial Heritage in Williamsburg, Va. These two have been waiting for their big day since they were in 7th grade! They dated for a few years and then lost touch, but ever since their senior year in high school, they’ve been inseparable. When we met for their engagement session earlier this year, I knew they would be a fun couple to spend the day with. Especially when Billie mentioned they were doing a Sunday brunch wedding. Check that off of my bucket list, for sure! They spent their whole day at the Colonial Heritage Country Club, from start to finish. They both seemed eager to get down the aisle and start their life together.

Billie + Miguel, thank you so much for allowing me the immense pleasure of being a part of your wedding day!  Miguel and his mama tricked us into thinking they were going to have a sweet mother/son dance but actually had 3-4 songs that they broke out in silly dances during! It was such a treat!

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