Chris & Haley | Newport News Park Wedding | Newport News, Va.

Chris and Haley’s wedding in Newport News at the Newport News Peace Garden this weekend was one I won’t soon forget. I had been looking forward to this wedding for a few weeks, and the anticipation was killing me. Haley and I started talking about a month before the wedding, and I just couldn’t wait to meet them! On wedding day I met with Chris first, and I could tell his was excited to see his bride and move through the day. We knew and were preparing for a thunderstorm (which thankfully didn’t hit until after the ceremony) so there was an extra sense of anticipation in our chat while waiting.

Chris an Haley are a unique couple, coming together and forming a new family of six! Haley has two young boys, and Chris has two young girls. I could tell just in the short time with them that these kids are already good friends, and are going to fit right in as siblings. Once Haley and the girls arrived, we got procession line ready and started the show! It was a short, heart felt ceremony with a cool breeze from the incoming storm.

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