Big thanks to Caroline Martin Photography for letting me tag along to another beautiful wedding <3 You can see her work at

  David + Regina! This day has been 10 years in the making, and I am so incredibly happy for the two of you. We had a roller-coaster of emotions the week leading up to the wedding with fear of the dreaded guest of rain! We lucked out with nothing but clear sunny skies! I […]

Man oh man, this was a fun one. Michelle text me in March to tell me she was expecting and that she wanted me to do her maternity photos. Fast forward four months and there we were at Grand View beach doing just that. We had beautiful light and the most adorable baby bump. A […]

Just a few moments after he was born, I heard Amber whisper “We have waited a long time for you”. Normally before a labor & delivery session, I have a sit-down meeting with my moms-to-be to learn more about their story. Amber and I had a lunch date for Mexican food on Wednesday, so imagine my surprise […]

My husband and Drew have been friends for around 13 years. They grew up together, went through teenage life together, attended one another’s weddings, and have such a fun relationship. It only made sense that I would offer to photograph the birth of her first child, Nathan. She didn’t seem hesitant at the thought of […]