Brock & Chelsea | Backyard Wedding | Yorktown, Va.

Chelsea & Brock got married on a private property on a beautiful day in early May and let me tell you, it.was.beautiful! She seriously put together a lovely ceremony space right on the water with a perfectly coordinated color schemed reception. But ya’ll, guess who showed up…

“We got a visit from the #1 wedding crasher… rain.”

The weather was basically perfect right up until 4:00, their ceremony time. We all stood there in awe as it started pouring at 3:58 on the dot and we watched guests ran from their seats to find shelter under the large tent that was set up for the reception. It was actually kind of comical, and everyone took it in stride with a laugh. It rained for about 4 minutes, a few guests wiped down the chairs, and the rain wasn’t heard from again. Brock and Chelsea handled it like pros. They got married by the water and partied into the night.

Congrats you two! And thank you to Clara from Clara Ann Photography for letting me tag along as her second yet again <3

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