Berry Picking | Personal

We all have those memories. You know, the ones from grandma’s house when you were young. Maybe it was something she coooked and the memory of the smell makes your mouth water, or maybe it’s something silly like my great-grandma who had these really creepy sock monkey that I promise had it out to get me. Either way, the memories are alive, and rich, and you’ll never forget the feeling you got whenever you were around this person. Having kids now, I’m always looking around wondering what they’ll remember about certain family members from their childhood. For my grandma, I think this is it. There is a large pond behind my grandma’s house that has geese, ducks, turtles, fish, and all other kinds of pond creatures. She lives right next to a bridge that goes over the middle of the pond, and there is a blue berry bush right at the base. My kids love to grab a handful of berries, run up to the middle of the bridge and throw them into the water. Lucas takes one berry at a time even, and when he tosses it in pond he yells “I DID IT!”. Maybe this won’t be one of their memories, and I’m okay with that, but it will most definately be one thing that I always remember. 

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