3 Reasons why “Galentines” Day is Here to Stay

“Galentines Day”

Created by one of my favorites, Ms. Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec. and popularized by millennials everywhere… “Galentines’ Day. Typically celebrated on February 13, the day before Valentine’s day with a breakfast sans boyfriends & husbands. Just the girls! This year is the first year that I’ve decided to take this note from Leslie’s book and celebrate! My sister-in-law decided to take our daughters out for a double mother-daughter date! First stop was a basic yet classic stop at our favorite Mexican restaurant for queso and enchiladas, where my child basically drank the cheese dip! Then we headed to the Hampton Roads area’s latest craze, the AR Workshop in Newport News for a crafting frenzy! If you know anything about Emma (my 5-year-old daughter), you know she LOVES to paint, so this date was her jam.

1 – Mother/Daughter Bonding:

Emma & I were able to get out of the house and spend quality time together. Not just running errands, doing homework, and practicing piano like a normal Tuesday night but real, meaningful, quality time. We held hands when we walked to dinner, and we laughed when she realized she is able to touch her tongue to her nose. No seriously, here is photographic proof! Image quality isn’t the best… thanks, iPhone!

2- Building Self Worth

I see the struggle in young girls with, “I don’t look good” and “I’ll never be good enough”. I don’t want that to be my girl, ever. I want her to know her value, and worth in this world. I want her to see that she is an individual who is unique and beautiful, and worthy of self-love. We can get caught up in the daily tasks and I personally feel like it gets redundant. I don’t always make the opportunity to build her up. A parental downfall, and blatant honesty here. I could do better.  I took every chance I could to tell her that she is creative, talented, kind, funny, and special to me.

3- Prioritizing Friendship

So, this one is a slow building concept… even slower than the previous points. I want to raise my girl to have strong, meaningful, and beautiful friendships. I can’t really explain how I intend to make this happen, but I think that teaching her how to be a good friend is vital. I think becoming her first friend, and showing her first hand how friends should interact is a solid first step. Okay, I know this parenting method isn’t popular, and believe me I am not ALWAYS her friend, but I believe that there is a way to be both a trusted friend and disciplinarian as a mother. I am not sure how to get to this point, but I will do my best to succeed.

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